On May 16th the Order Of Dentist Of Quebec (ODQ) issued their revised recommendation on COVID-19 for non-urgent dental procedures. The document is available here and offers a wide range of recommendations for clinics and medical professionals. At Dorma Filtration we offer a variety of PPE including masks and gowns which meet and exceeded these …

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Respiratory protection in health care for contact droplets/airborne precautions commonly follows two filtering device paths, N95 mask respirators and PAPRs. Here are some pros and cons. N95 – N95 masks filter at least 95% of particles <5 μm in diameterPros• Allow the use of stethoscopes and do not require an air source• NoiselessCons• Requiring an …

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There are many people contacting us regarding the product as we have been involved in its development. We are doing our best to answer all inquiries but our staff has been overwhelmed, so we have decided to answer the most common questions on this page. We are developing different solutions so the hood can be …

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