On May 22nd the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCSDO) issued their recommendation for a staged approach return to dental practice through COVID-19.

The document is available here and offers a wide range of recommendations for clinics and medical professionals.

At Dorma Filtration we offer a variety of PPE including face shields and gowns which meet and exceeded these recommendations. Our focus for this post is to cover the recommendation for clinical filtration systems and how our installed and portable solutions can enable the safe opening of dental clinics in Ontario.


The RCDSO recommends a HEPA filtration system that is either a portable or installed. All of our filtration units come with HEPA filters and carbon pre-filters.


The RCDSO recommend a minimum air changes per hour to allow for a 99.9% removal or settling of aerosols. As a function of room size, we have outlined the air changes per hour (ACH) that may be achieved with various filtration units. We have also included the RCDSO’s guide on required wait times between aerosol generating procedures based on air changes per hour, below.

*Assuming 10 ft ceilings 


To mitigate the risk of aerosols and exposure to infectious agents, dental practices may opt for a filtration system that can be positioned in a manner capable of capturing contaminated air at the source. 

Both our installed systems including the PLA900 and accompanied suction arm and our HA300 portable unit or HA500 portable unit offer suction at the source. 


With clinics gearing up to open, we have ensured that we can continue to provide both the HA500 Portable Suction and the PLA900 ceiling mount stock immediately. Our products are manufactured and built in Quebec ensuring we have availability today!

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