COVID-19 had a dramatic impact on the N95** mask demand causing a massive shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE). Learn how the respirator 99PFE can be an alternative to N95 masks.

Dorma Filtration and its partners joined forces to design a 99PFE respirator – an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable N95 masks. Dorma’s 100% Canadian respirators, the Dorma 95 and Dorma 99, provide 99.98%*** filtration efficiency, outperforming N95 filtration standards. 

The respirators protect individuals by reducing the risk of inhaling small particles, including bacterias (ASTM 2299 standard). The Dorma 95 is designed for use in an industrial setting, while the Dorma 99 is intended to be used in a medical environment. 

Both respirators  feature a unique flange design, allowing for improved fit and comfort. The built-in filter provides breathable 99.98% filtration efficiency against particles >0.3 microns, a level up when compared to 95% filtration provided by N95 masks.

In addition, both Dorma respirators are reusable and can be disinfected. The Dorma 99 surgical respirator can also be sterilized for reuse in a medical setting. Environmental benefits continue after use, as all components of the Dorma 99 and Dorma 95 respirators are recyclable.

With two respirators meeting the Health Canada 99PFE standards, Dorma Filtration is ready for distribution across Canada, helping  to remedy the ongoing PPE shortage.

Dorma Filtration is licensed by Health Canada to manufacture and sell Class I medical devices, including 99PFE* respirators (Dorma 95, Dorma 99), under Medical Device Establishment License 14230. 


Learn more about the new Canadian 99PFE standard: 



*99PFE – Efficiency of particle filtration greater than or equal to 99%.
**N95 – N95 rated respirators have a filtration efficiency of at least 95% against non-oily particles.
***99.98% filtration efficiency – The Dorma 95 and Dorma 99 respirator provide respiratory protection with at least 99% filtration efficiency against particulate aerosols free of oil (>0.3 micron).
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