Safety is a major concern, as COVID-19 has changed our lifestyles to the point where it is no longer possible to circulate in closed spaces without wearing a mask. We are all at risk from this virus, which is why it is essential to protect ourselves and others with appropriate protection. 

There are various PPE, these equipments are designed to protect people against possible health or safety incidents, thus reducing the exposure of people to risks. Although the mask is now the ” most used ” PPE in the world, PPE also includes items such as protective helmets, eyewear, high-visibility safety clothing (HVS), safety shoes, safety harnesses and also respiratory protection devices.



The helmet 

Protective helmets are commonly used on construction sites. Some construction site helmets are equipped with a face shield and earmuff for extra protection. One of the most important things to remember is that construction helmets must fit to work properly. 

Eyes and face

Adequate eye and face protection is extremely valuable. Safety glasses and visors are available to protect eyes and face

Respiratory system 

Respiratory protection should never be underestimated. There are multiple types of masks available to protect against airborne pathogens. It is important to note that not all masks are the same, so it is essential to understand their usage and our needs. Incorrect use of a protective mask can have serious health consequences. 

Hands and skin

Construction work normally requires a great deal of manual effort. Occupational skin diseases are as common as dermatitis, skin cancer and other skin lesions. The use of gloves is required to preserve the skin. The most common types of PPE gloves are rubber gloves due to their high durability.  

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