Popular health care sterilization method.

Montreal, December 9th 2020 – Dorma Filtration reinforces its position as Canada’s innovative PPE provider by adding a second decontamination method for its reusable 99PFE-L3 respirator, the Dorma 99. The new autoclave sterilization protocol has been approved by Health Canada as part of the Dorma 99 IO Authorization.

With the approval of this accessible decontamination method, healthcare workers across the country are able to benefit from a safe and durable respiratory protection device as Covid-19 worsens across North America Health Canada approved the Dorma 99 in November as a 99PFE-L3 respirator (N99 equivalent). The authorization set a precedent for reusable respirators, cementing the Dorma 99 as a leader in the space. The respirator is set apart by its high-grade filter that was designed and approved for reuse, a feature that is not offered by other manufacturers. As Canadians feel the strain of reliance on imports for essential healthcare supplies, the Dorma 99 shines a homegrown PPE success story.


There are now two methods approved by Health Canada for decontaminating the Dorma 99. The new sterilization method
– autoclave (121C steam cycle) – leverages one of the most popular sterilization machines used in hospitals and clinics
across Canada. It is a win for healthcare providers and administrators alike.

“The sterilization process had to be simple. To do so, we relied on existing cleaning methods to simplify the Dorma 99’s reprocessing. This removes any barriers to reuse by leveraging cleaning methods that healthcare facilities already have in place”; said Dr René Caissie, Co-Founder of Dorma Filtration.

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