The Dorma 95 respirator is made with lightweight, biocompatible materials that conform to a user’s face. The custom fit provides a tight seal without pressure points.  

Ultimate protection without sacrificing comfort. 

Tested by Canadian government labs

Created in partnership with the National Research Council of Canada

Developed by over 50 doctors, engineers and scientists

100% Made in Canada



In partnership with Quebec manufacturers and suppliers, Dorma Filtration has created a 99% filtration efficiency respirator built in Quebec and available for order today. Our manufacturing capabilities and supply chains allow for millions of Dorma 95 respirators to be available to protect Canadians.


Blocks 99%* of airborne particles (>0.3 micron).


More cost effective than a disposable masks.


The Dorma 95 respirator can be disinfected.


Lightweight construction and comfortable fit without pressure points.


Find the mask style and filter that’s right for you. Our reusable masks are interchangeably compatible with the Dorma 99% cassette and double-layer 95% filters. The Dorma N95 Mask’s unique design allows for ultimate flexibility.



The Dorma 95 respirator has a unique shape which reinforces its efficiency. The respirator is composed of a mask body that completely covers the mouth and nose. The front is designed to optimize airflow thanks to the built-in filter to achieve up to 99% protection.


The Dorma 95 cassette is made of electrostatic components which capture particles that are 0.3 microns and larger. The contaminants are trapped in the filter, reducing the risk of bacterial inhalations. 


We are committed to protecting Canadian healthcare and frontline workers. The Dorma N95 Mask was created to help medical institutions facing N95 supply shortages. 

Leveraging innovative technology, a Canadian supply chain, and local manufacturing partnerships, Dorma Filtration is a reliable source for Canadian-made N95 masks.

Please contact us for institutional and commercial sales inquiries.

*The Dorma 95 respirator provides respiratory protection with at least 99% filtration efficiency against particulate aerosols free of oil (>0.3 micron).

–  The Dorma 95 respirator helps protect against certain particulate contaminates but does not eliminate exposure to or the risk of contracting any disease or infection.

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